About us

About us

Company Vlado Baumaschinen Ltd Surčin has been established in 2004. Owner and director of the company is Mr. Vlado Marković. We successfully deal with jobs in the civil engineering domain accomplishing successful cooperation with domestic and foreign construction companies.

Company Vlado Baumaschinen Ltd Surčin includes a management team, licensed engineers, economists, and a trained workforce of all necessary profiles. The team is characterized by permanent improvements in working and organizational skills and capacities.

Vlado Baumaschinen Ltd through many years invested in the most modern construction machines, tools, and cargo vehicles, and primarily in the permanent development of 150 employees achieving exceptional results in practice.

Aims of work and business include professional and detailed approach, implementation of economic solutions and modern technology, engagement of a professional team of people, and the continual increase of efficiency while accepting new challenges.

Our goals

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  • The goals of work and business imply a professional and detailed approach to work
  • Application of economical solutions
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Hiring a professional team of people
  • Constantly increasing work efficiency through accepting new challenges.

Quality policy

Quality policy is an integral part of our business policy embedded in achievement and maintenance of good reputation in business, certain services delivery to our users in order to fully satisfy their requests, needs, and expectations.

The main point in our quality policy mirror in the establishment of the management system in quality level complying with requests of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 that provides harmony between the company and all interested parties gains.

Based on these assumptions, the global quality goals of the organization Vlado Baumaschinen Ltd have been adopted

Policy of quality

Permanent attention to quality service according to valid laws, regulations, and standards;

Process improvement

Continual improvement of all processes in the organization

Satisfied customers

Permanent check and increase of the satisfaction level with quality of our services

Professional development

Permanent professional development of employees;

Team work

Support to teamwork and creation of knowledge base

Active engagement

Comprehensive management participation and active engagement of all employees

Work environment protection

Protection and improvement of working environment for employees and their safety


Development of partnerships with suppliers and investors

We respond to market needs

Permanent challenging and harmonization of goals of the company with requests and expectations of the market

Preventive measures

Systematic undertaking of preventive and corrective measures for its continuous improvement.


ISO 9001:2008


ISO 14001:2015